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Power Dialer


Outbound Dialer for Sales

With uses of AI connect more calls, no more agents wasted idle time with manual dialing, Predictive Dialer filters no answer, busy, voicemails and invalid phone numbers keeps your agents stay focused, reducing operational costs and increasing sales.

Inbound Dialer for Support

Round-the-clock support with IVR keep Inbound Callers Happy While Helping Agents with queue priority to distribute the incoming calls to available agents when others are busy. Reduce caller wait time and Live Call Monitoring.

Blended Dialer

Your prospects may miss your sales team outbound calls; with blended dialer they can call back your sales team without any long wait time. Your team never misses an Inbound call with smart call routing. Inbound, Outbound, & Blended Campaigns Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all interactions.

Web Calling

Make and receive calls using only your computer – no extra hardware, no extra expense

Call Monitoring

Barge, whisper, or monitor calls to manage call quality and agent performance.

Cloud call recording

Store an audio recording of your inbound and outbound calls for future reference. Enable privacy best practices while encouraging better transparency between team members and customers.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Put your business in autopilot using our native ACD software.

Predictive Dialer

Predicts’ when the agent will become available again and starts dialing based on his/her average wrap-up time.

Power Dialer

Determines the average number of calls the system needs to make on any given list in order to successfully connect to a client.

Preview Dialer

Automatically dials a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available to ensure clients don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.

Progressive Dialer

Calls the agent first and when/if the agent is available, it forwards the call to the client. Each client is assigned to a specific agent.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Automatic detection of voice mails & distinction between human and robotic voice.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre recorded messages without having to speak to an agent. For example, press 2 for support or press 1 for sales.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time alerts, monitoring of daily performance, and standardized or custom reporting.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Our cloud disaster recovery relies on cloud technology to ensure that your dialer is always available. We can offer your firm data and telecommunications access in the case of a calamity, allowing you to continue doing business as usual. Our Cloud system keeps business downtime to a bare minimum.

SIP Trunk

Make and Receive call with our verified sip trunking with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Take advantage of our global voice network of partnerships and connect with customers worldwide as Pay as you call costs.

Local Phone and Toll-free Numbers

Establish a virtual local presence with our virtual verified phone numbers and Toll-free Numbers with a localized caller ID. Let your customer recognize you as local company.


John Bolton Operation Head of Multinational Centre

Local phone number drastically increased our connect rate. High Quality Voice calls gives our prospect an impression of sitting next to each other

Kamran Akmal Operation Manager of 100 seater centre

Predictive dialer helping to making more calls without agent wait time between calls. 5 x Agents productivity and closing more deals

Jessica Gray CEO of 30+ seater centre

Blended Dialing increased our Inbound and Outbound Sales by 50%. Klozer helped to cut out 30-40% overall cost

Vikram Singh Owner of 20+ seater centre

Monitoring Feature help to barge and assist agents to help close more sales. Multiple Script function make agents more complaint. Operating Contact Centre from any location is easy now without losing control.

Juan dela Cruz CTO of Multinational Company

Klozer’s Support team is knowledgeable and available to assist with any questions. Highly recommend KLOZER any business with sales and support team. Inbuilt features of KLOZER helps us to be regulatory complaint.

#1 for Australia and New Zealand

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