Marketing Morally
It is very important to marketing morally.Many rules must be followed depending on the type of contact and region of the recipient. Here are things that a marketer should remember
Time of Contact
Many regions have a specified time allotted to business and marketing calls, making marketing calls out of the specified window can lead to harsh penalties and legal action against the marketer.
DNC Lists
TCPA and FCC, ACMA or any in-country authority maintain a Do Not Call Registry of telephone numbers which do not want to receive marketing calls and updates. Failing to comply with them can mean a fine per violation and other legal action against you. As a marketer it is your responsibility to use DNC washed data at all times.
Consent is the key. It is highly recommended to only send out communications to the ones who have expressly give you their permission to contact them.
Respect the personal space of the people who have opted out and make it simple for those who want to opt-out.
What is TCPA & FCC?
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are bodies and laws that regulate, mandate, and enforce regulations for telemarketing communications in the United States. (including Telemarketing calls, Auto-dialed calls, Pre-Recorded calls, Rich text messages)
Pledge to Compliant Marketing
We strive to make things easier for our users. Our services have features inbuilt in our services and products that make staying compliant very easy.
Custom Call Time
Define the regulated time, and LeadsRain’s smart system will ensure that calling happens only in the specified time by you.
Internal DNC List

As an additional function there is Internal DNC list which helps as secondary safety net.

Call Recording, Call Monitoring and Call Hijack
We offer options to monitor your call, record them or hijack and control calls made by the agent to actively look for breaks in compliance and track deviations.


John Bolton Operation Head of Multinational Centre

Local phone number drastically increased our connect rate. High Quality Voice calls gives our prospect an impression of sitting next to each other

Kamran Akmal Operation Manager of 100 seater centre

Predictive dialer helping to making more calls without agent wait time between calls. 5 x Agents productivity and closing more deals

Jessica Gray CEO of 30+ seater centre

Blended Dialing increased our Inbound and Outbound Sales by 50%. Klozer helped to cut out 30-40% overall cost

Vikram Singh Owner of 20+ seater centre

Monitoring Feature help to barge and assist agents to help close more sales. Multiple Script function make agents more complaint. Operating Contact Centre from any location is easy now without losing control.

Juan dela Cruz CTO of Multinational Company

Klozer’s Support team is knowledgeable and available to assist with any questions. Highly recommend KLOZER any business with sales and support team. Inbuilt features of KLOZER helps us to be regulatory complaint.

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