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Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a type of automated dialer that places phone calls even before the agents become available. It’s designed to increase agents’ efficiency by calling as many leads as possible.

The system quickly moves on to the next lead after an unanswered call. Calls answered, on the other hand, are quickly routed to the next available agent. This guarantees more productive talk time, ensuring improved productivity for the call center.

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Embrace the lightness of the cloud! Float free like a cloud with our Web-based predictive dialer service. Our cloud-based service allows you to work with less hardware and software resources and scale up quickly. Web-based Phone dialer works with all the leading browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Blended Campaign

Connect the prospects with a combination of inbound and outbound call facility

Time-Zone wise dialing

Precisely targeting the audiences according to their time-zones for direct communication

Call Recording

A tool to record all the calls for future training and optimised quality purposes

Local Presence

Personalised way of outreaching customers by using area-codewise Caller ID to drive outstanding connectivity

Whisper and Hijack calls

Take over the command of calls from the agent as per the need of the hour

Transfer to Closer

You definitely want to close the deal efficiently. Use our internal call transfer feature to hand it over to experts.

Leaving Voicemail on Answering Machine

The recipient couldn’t attend your call? No worries, you can leave a pre-set voicemail on the answering machine.

Data-driven power dialer that promotes sales-driven success

Engage Voice’s predictive algorithm empowers your business to find a frictionless path to greater sales opportunities, connecting agents to more live calls and fewer dead-ends. From proactive customer service call centers to sales, telemarketing, market research, and debt collection teams, contact centers that use outbound predictive dialers are seeing a 200% to 400% increase in connection rates from day one.

Improve Agent's Productivity

Manual dialing leads to high agent idle time as agents have to wait until a call is connected. For every call, an agent wastes time in listening busy tones, answering machines and facing disconnected calls. Predictive Dialer takes care of all such time consuming events & ensures that your agents are spending their time only in talking to leads & customers.

Predictive Dialer

Reduced Idle Time

A predictive dialer speeds up the process by dialing multiple numbers at once and connects the agent with the callers answering the calls by discarding the answering machine & busy calls. Thus, the agent spends more time talking with the customers rather than hearing the dial tone or leaving a voicemail at the answering machine.


John Bolton Operation Head of Multinational Centre

Local phone number drastically increased our connect rate. High Quality Voice calls gives our prospect an impression of sitting next to each other

Kamran Akmal Operation Manager of 100 seater centre

Predictive dialer helping to making more calls without agent wait time between calls. 5 x Agents productivity and closing more deals

Jessica Gray CEO of 30+ seater centre

Blended Dialing increased our Inbound and Outbound Sales by 50%. Klozer helped to cut out 30-40% overall cost

Vikram Singh Owner of 20+ seater centre

Monitoring Feature help to barge and assist agents to help close more sales. Multiple Script function make agents more complaint. Operating Contact Centre from any location is easy now without losing control.

Juan dela Cruz CTO of Multinational Company

Klozer’s Support team is knowledgeable and available to assist with any questions. Highly recommend KLOZER any business with sales and support team. Inbuilt features of KLOZER helps us to be regulatory complaint.

#1 for Australia and New Zealand

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