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Klozer’s affiliate program stands to give those home-based, data vendors, motivational speakers, and others opportunists a chance to earn a residual income.

Affiliate partnership allows influencers on various platforms to exercise their influence over the mass, and in return for their service, earn some returns on the side.

Reseller Benefits

Monthly Usage


$1 to $10,000


Your residual income will be credited once the client uses his credits. So the commission will be the respective percentage on the usage and not the purchase. We calculate the usage on a monthly basis; however, you may be able to withdraw the amount on a weekly, or a bi-weekly basis depending on the amount credited to you after the usage. The lowest an affiliate can withdraw is $100.

Note : Complete Online, On-call & On chat support will be provided by Klozer regarding any issues on your client end.

How to be an Affiliate Partner


Register with Klozer through the “join now” form


Pick a service that you would like to market and signed agreement with Klozer


After your first referral’s signup and payment Klozer will provide a partner portal to track your referral usage and commission.

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    John Bolton Operation Head of Multinational Centre

    Local phone number drastically increased our connect rate. High Quality Voice calls gives our prospect an impression of sitting next to each other

    Kamran Akmal Operation Manager of 100 seater centre

    Predictive dialer helping to making more calls without agent wait time between calls. 5 x Agents productivity and closing more deals

    Jessica Gray CEO of 30+ seater centre

    Blended Dialing increased our Inbound and Outbound Sales by 50%. Klozer helped to cut out 30-40% overall cost

    Vikram Singh Owner of 20+ seater centre

    Monitoring Feature help to barge and assist agents to help close more sales. Multiple Script function make agents more complaint. Operating Contact Centre from any location is easy now without losing control.

    Juan dela Cruz CTO of Multinational Company

    Klozer’s Support team is knowledgeable and available to assist with any questions. Highly recommend KLOZER any business with sales and support team. Inbuilt features of KLOZER helps us to be regulatory complaint.

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